Thursday, April 28, 2005


House MBNA DINOs: Waaaahhhhh! Pelosi's Picking on Us!

As Atrios says, these people are really the biggest bunch of whining losers on the planet. These MBNA DINOs planted an article in Roll Call intended to punish Nancy Pelosi for daring to chastise them for their selling out Joe and Jane Average and making it impossible for most folks to avoid going to the poorhouse if they get sick. As Atrios also says:

Call the offices of Steny Hoyer (202) 225-4131, John Tanner (202) 225-4714, and Ron Kind at (202) 225-5506, and tell them to apologize to Pelosi for being babies and apologize to America for voting for and vocally supporting that bankruptcy bill. Remind them that they did indeed sell out to special interests, we know they did, and we will not stop pointing that out. If they make these decisions, they will be called on it. Hoyer is minority whip. He's obviously unsuited for the job, as he seems uninterested in doing it. Ask him to resign.
Oh, and notice that they can't admit that their own constituents were against the damned bill? Or that both the left AND right halves of the blogosphere were solidly against this bill? No, instead they have to say that this mean old cootie queen Pelosi wuz pickin' on them! WAAAAHHH! Quick, get me some more MBNA money so I can use it to paper over my hurt feel-wings!
Damn you, Pelosi! It's your fault we've lost everything! It's not the wishy-washy blue dogs! It's you!

Blue Dogs are a pathetic dying breed.
They aren't dying, PB.


They were, ultimately, the ones who killed the Clinton Healthcare plan and set the stage for this nonsense. They broke under fire and have been running ever since.

I don't know what anyone thinks they gain from the ethics vote except a "gotcha" against the Pubbies.

As for the bankruptcy bill, I am sure Hoyer et al got more than enough mail telling them they were on the wrong side of it. One hates to lose someone as charismatic and senior as Hoyer, but he really is having a losing season. I wouldn't be surprised if Pelosi or her friends is the source for the Roll Call story, and if she thinks Hoyer needs to be spanked, he probably does.

What a waste.
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