Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Opus Dei Enthroned in Rome

It's almost enough to make one believe that the End of Days is upon us. Ratzinger is Pope
He's Andropov to Wojtyla's Brezhnev: The hard-liner who succeeds the guy who kept things together, but didn't address the internal rot.

The irony is that while the Asian and African bishops are "conservative" (read: anti-gay and anti-female), they are a lot more open to the idea of married priests than the American paleocon Catholics like Pat Robertson are letting on. They have to be: There's a worldwide priest shortage, and they simply don't have enough clergy to beat back the massive :rotestant Fundy invasions of their territory.

Ratzinger is adamantly opposed to married priests. Period.

This will hasten the church's decline. Soon, there will be no more priests, and then no more church.
PW says Soon, there will be no more priests, and then no more church.

After a few years of the aptly named Ratzinger, I wonder whether anyone will care.

The Catholic Church is an essential institution. Just as the Protestant schism forced the Catholic church into expunging some of the corruption, the existence of the Catholic church has served as a gyroscope to keep Protestantism from the further shores of millenial lunacy. To see the church fall into the hands of a cultist and extremist is disheartening.
I actually expect to see a major schism if Ratzinger survives more than a few years. If he doesn't back on his rhetoric or his actions -- and I see absolutely no indication that he will -- then I wouldn't be surprised to see a few renegade bishops lead movements out of the church, either into the Episcopal/Anglican variations or one of their own.

Ratzinger, of course, would be more than happy to see them go. He's on record as saying that he wants a smaller, "purer" church. But then, he'll wonder why the rebels took most of the good priests with them and left him with nothing but the aged and the pedophiles.
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