Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Speaking of mercury rising... warming is accelerating ozone depletion. Research by Cambridge University shows that it is not increased pollution but a side effect of climate change that is making ozone depletion worse. At high altitudes, 50% of the protective layer had been destroyed. ...The UN environment programme estimates that for every 1% thinning of the ozone layer there is a 2% to 3% rise in skin cancer. It also causes eye problems even if dark glasses are worn - mainly cataracts and snow blindness -and can suppress the immune response to the herpes virus and damage the spleen. Excess UV radiation cuts photosynthesis in plants, reducing the size and yield of winter wheat. Plankton which are constantly exposed suffer damaged cause a shift in species composition and reduce diversity in ecosystems. Reducing the world's populations of phytoplankton would significantly impact the world's carbon cycle, because phytoplankton store huge amounts of carbon in the ocean. Thank you, Rush Limbaugh, for what you have made possible by bringing Gingrich to power. No wonder you had to blot out your consciousness with drugs.
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