Tuesday, April 05, 2005


This Is Ridiculous

Erin Crawford writes for the Des Moines Register, which up to now has only done one published piece (and an opinion piece at that, not an actual piece of journalism) that I can find on Jim "Jeff Gannon" Guckert -- and which has yet to mention, as far as Googling would let me find, his career as a male prostitute. Well, Erin Crawford finally got around to doing an actual story on Gannon-Guckert -- but instead of discussing how the hell a gay male prostitute with no journalism experience could get onto Bush's press corps and lob softballs at him, she covers a joke angle of the story that was discredited ages ago. As a longtime Eschaton commenter said:

Good God! The bloggers who uncovered Gannon/Guckert, like Americablog and SusanG at DailyKos, blew this theory off a long time ago. It's ridiculous. lurksquito | Email | Homepage | 04.05.05 - 9:21 am | #
Hell, I never even heard of this stupid Gannon-Gosch theory until now. Do I need to state how silly it is? (Apparently I must, since Erin Crawford is flat-out convinced -- or at least seems to want to convince her readers -- that all liberal bloggers and their readers believe it.) For one thing, Guckert's at least a decade too old to be Gosch. (He claimed on his manwhore sites to be in his early thirties, but he's actually forty-seven.) That alone sinks this bogus theory, and it's something that anyone who's closely followed the Gannon-Guckert story over at AmericaBlog would know. Just go to AmericaBlog and look up his timeline. It's nailed down tighter than a drum. Only someone who hadn't frequented the Kos diaries or AmericaBlog posts dealing with Gannon could believe the Gosch theory. Isn't it interesting that the DM Register can't seem to find the time or space to talk about the actual Gannon/Guckert facts set forth by John Aravosis and Kos's SusanG and Brynaert, yet will go and dredge up an old, short-lived, long-since debunked joke of a side issue? Gee, one would think Erin Crawford, the story's author (ecrawfor@dmreg.com), is trying to debunk all liberal bloggers by hyping this joke of a theory. Maybe we should ask her and/or her editor (politely, of course) why she is so focused on something that the vast majority of liberal bloggers and blog readers, including most AmericaBlog, DailyKos and Eschaton readers, either have never heard of or laughed off upon hearing about. http://www.desmoinesregister.com/help/letter.htm or Letters to the editor e-mail: letters@dmreg.com Telephone switchboard --
Local: (515) 284-8000
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Oh, and Crawford, like most of the traditional US news media, still can't quite come out and say that Guckert spent the past five years of his life as a $200-an-hour gay male prostitute. This is as close as she gets:
In February, his softball questions raised the ire of liberal bloggers. Writers on Daily Kos, Atrios and World O'Crap discovered ties between James D. Guckert and gay escort Web sites, and provocative nude photos of Guckert. Gannon was outed as Guckert online.

tell me about it...i tried to stop that shit when it went on at democratic underground...it was started by this wacko...who used to bust into all the gannon or talon news threads (some of mine too) and write that ridiculous stuff and when we argued with her (if it was a her) she'd say stuff like "you can't stop it you can't deny it"...there are some people that believe it...but it took us each about 5 seconds to discredit it...

thanks for the shout out...saw your comment at wotisitgood4...so i checked out your cool blog for the first time...it's always a thrill to see your name without having to technorati

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