Friday, April 15, 2005


Two Bits of Good News

#1: Texas' Rick Perry, Governor Goodhair, may well be sucked into the DeLay, Inc. undertow. Seems that a Republican member of the Texas House, Tommy Merritt, is alleging that Perry coerced his vote for Tom Craddick as Texas House Speaker. Remember, Craddick is DeLay's point man in the Texas Lege -- and one of the subjects of Ronnie Earle's current grand jury, which is expected to fire off a few indictments once it wraps up at the end of this month. (After which Earle convenes his next grand jury, which will target none other than DeLay himself.) And of course next month is when we'll get a ruling on the legality (or rather, the illegality) of the redistricting plan DeLay rammed through the Texas legislature. Heheheheh. #2: Even as the NYT media empire (which includes the Boston Globe) is taking a turn for the worse, the McClatchy group -- which includes my hometown paper, the Minneapolis StarTribune -- is seeing its weekly circulation go up a tick. (Sunday circulation is going down, but that's happening all across the industry.) Take that, John "Assrocket" Hinderaker.

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