Monday, April 18, 2005


Which side are you on? Are you with MBNA or with working people?

It's absolutely amazing. Steny Hoyer voted against the position of most Democrats on the Bankruptcy Bill, so MoveOn is supposed to avoid criticizing him. Ed Schultz has done perhaps his worst show, using emotional rhetoric like calling MoveOn's action a "new low." Relative to what, Ed? Relative to many statements by the DLC attacking mainstream Democrats? Relative to Bob Kerrey's famous statement about Bill Clinton, the one used against Clinton for years and years? Meanwhile, Schultz whiffed by letting Hoyer say the bill had been "improved" without specifying what had been improved. Nothing has been improved. The Democratic amendments couldn't even be discussed! I think most Democrats understand that infighting needs to be limited to serious policy issues. This is one. It's a prime example of corporate-indebted Democrats breaking away from the party's mainstream to betray the working person. Hoyer is not a bad congressperson. But he did not need to accept a cash advance from MBNA. Ed Schultz needs to know: the Democratic Party is not the Marine Corps. There is no stop loss. If people get angry, they leave. The Democratic politicians should be grateful for an early warning sign, so they can change their line of march.
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