Sunday, April 24, 2005


While We're Talking About Frist And His Religio-Racist Right Buddies...'s a good time to bring up the creationists' latest trick to try to smuggle the first few pages of the Christian Bible's Book of Genesis into the science curriculum of our nation's public (and secular) schools: "Intelligent Design". Since creationism has been shown, to the satisfaction of every court that's had to rule on the issue, to be religion and not science, the science teachers of the land have managed to stall and in some cases reverse the big and well-funded creationism drive. To get around this, the concept of "Intelligent Design" was created. ID, as its backers call it, is creationism stripped of not only all overt references to the Christian religion, but also of most of the obvious references to creationism. This is so that ID backers like Dave Eaton can try to claim with a straight face that a) "Intelligent Design" has nothing to do with the discredited religious concept known as creationism, and b) ID has been proven by science. Of course, Eaton and the other ID fans are wrong on both counts. ID's backers were outed as creationists years ago, and ID's claims have been debunked as thoroughly as the creationist claims have been. Here's the outing material: As for ID being scientifically validated, all of Eaton's claims on this, past and present, have been debunked on Mark Isaak's excellent Index to Creationist Claims. Read it, bookmark it, use it.

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