Friday, April 15, 2005


Who Should We Target?

I was originally thinking that Ellen Tauscher was the queen bee of the DINOs. But there are thirty-one DINOs out there who have out-DINOed her, by voting for both gutting the Rich Person's Estate Tax as well as the Debt Peonage Act of 2005. As mentioned earlier, unlike the Republicans, we don't have the cash to punish every guy/gal who steps out of line by running a primary opponent against them. But we can pick one particularly nasty example and target that person. Which of these thirty-one people is the most deserving of losing their primary race next year? Or at least being made to sweat hard? Post your suggestions in the comments thread below. (Note: The person we run MUST be capable of actually winning the seat should he/she win the nomination. No self-destructive protest candidacies, please.)

Target Rick Larson from WA (Snohomish County, Skagit County, and Whatcom County).

There are a lot of farmers in his district. The district's changing over, especially in the southern part, to developer paradise, with McMansions replacing farmland. A lot of the people who live in the district still do farm and are highly opposed to this infill development.

Make the case that Larson sold them out to the Microsoft millionaires and developers who are taking over the farms, making it difficult to impossible for a small farmer to keep farming, ranching, etc. There are a lot of dairy and cattle ranches in the district, too.

The little guys on the farms hate the Microsoft millionaires. They hate the infill development. They hate their property being upzoned so that it's no longer economically feasible to run cows or farm.

I think we might be able to win this one on populist principles. I'd sure like to see it happen.
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