Friday, May 20, 2005


Army recruiters lie to put teens in harm's way

Kudos to Channel 5, Cincinnati for breaking this story Wagner: "But as Target 5 discovered, those military pitches can turn from fact to fiction in a matter of seconds. Target 5 sent four young men, with hidden cameras, into every Tri-state armed forces recruiting center. The conversations began with talk of job security." Recruiter: "We guarantee you a job." Wagner: "Signing bonuses." Recruiter: "Up to $20,000." Wagner: "And cash for college." Recruiter: "Up to $70,000 for college." Wagner: "But when the questions turn to safety, some Tri-state recruiters make Iraq sound more like a trip to Tahiti than a journey to war." Recruiter: "You have more chance of dying here in the United States at, what is it, 36-percent die, kill rate here in the United States, people here just dying left and right, you have more chance of dying over here than you do over there." Wagner: "The U.S. does not have a 36-percent kill rate. If that were true, more than 100 million people, one-third of the U.S. population, would be killed each year."
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