Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Ask, And I Shall Find

Remember how I was talking about how blogging wasn't quite ready to replace mainstream journalism? Well, what I didn't know is that a journalistic outfit with the cooperative attitude of the best bloggers already exists: Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! Radio AND TV. The big question is how we can get the masses to know about it, and to watch or listen to it. I don't know if most people are ready for a news network like this. But I'll try to do my tiny bit to publicize it, by putting it into the sidebar.

Today's show is Seymour Hersh.

There were a number of very interesting tidbits.

* Rumsfeld and Cheney were with a plan in 1975 to break into Hersh's home.

* The US military is razing Ramadi and plans to do several more Sunni cities.

* Arab resistance to Chalabi is, in part, because his bank fraud targeted widows and orphans. Bushco imposed him despite his ties to Iranian intelligence to keep the Kurds on board.

* The US has announced an offensive because casualties are rising.

On and on, genuine explanations of what is going on. You know they are genuine because they accurately predict the future.

Hersh is a treasure. There is no one like him.
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