Saturday, May 07, 2005


Melody Townsel Fights Back!

The right-wing attack machine is trying both subtle and upfront tactics to smear Melody Townsel, who of all of John Bolton's critics is the one whose story has got the most publicity. I first became aware of Ms. Townsel's story via a diary written for her by a friend of hers, amyindallas, at DailyKos. Outraged Kossacks led to forcing the US media to pay attention to her story -- yet oddly enough, Big Media, which eagerly gives right-wing bloggers full (and often too much) credit for publicizing concerns over the Killian memos aired by CBS last year, is reluctant to admit the role played by DailyKos, a liberal blog whose readership is bigger than that of the four biggest conservative blogs combined, in getting Townsel's story out to the public. So far, only the alternative weekly The Dallas Observer has mentioned DailyKos' role in helping Townsel get her story out -- and even then, the Observer's Robert Wilonsky avoids calling DailyKos a "blog"; he apparently thinks all blogs must automatically be right-wing. Well, Townsel soon came under attack. Non-relevant bits of her past were dredged up to be used against her, and the right-wing side of the blogosphere went after her full throttle. But once again, she turned to her Kossack friend, and turned back the smear efforts. Now she's started doing Kos diaries on her own -- and exposing the motives of those people, such as Matthew Freedman, who have been tasked with trying to discredit her. Check 'em out, here and here.

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