Monday, May 23, 2005


More Wingnut Depression Over Frist's Failure To Trigger The Nuclear Option

Remember, Frist was told by Dobson and Robertson that if he compromised on this, he could forget about their help for his presidential run in 2008. Guess what? He was forced to compromise. And his old buddy Trent Lott made him do it. The comments in bold in the last post are a result. And it's not just Free Republic, either. Check out Dobson's response. And here's a link to the reactions of other right-wing bloggers and tastemakers. They are all pissed beyond belief that a compromise was reached. Since Frist is Bush's catspaw in the Senate -- the whole reason Karl Rove went along with dumping Trent Lott as Senator Majority Leader in the wake of the Thurmond controversy was because Rove wanted the far-more-docile Frist in that job -- this is also a loss for Bush. They were planning to just push through all of the nominees AND totally take out the filibuster. That didn't happen. Considering that the Republicans have a 55-45 edge in the Senate, this is a very good deal for the Democrats indeed.

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