Sunday, May 29, 2005


Oh, by the way...

... remember my bringing up that bad, bad, evil man, Fawaz Zureikat, who BushCo has been broadly hinting did some bad things and is connected to George Galloway? Well, he's apparently not bad enough to keep Donald Rumsfeld from doing business with him, even today (scroll down to #6):
Galloway ally sells US arms kit to Iraq 22 May 2005 The Jordanian businessman at the centre of claims that George Galloway secretly bought oil from Saddam Hussein has a major contract to sell US military technology in Iraq, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.
Note that this article dates from last week. Note that, if you're a resident of the US, this is likely the first time you're hearing about it -- but that you've likely seen the old film loop of Galloway shaking Saddam's hand (film taken during a visit to promote Galloway's charity work in Iraq) at least twice in the last three weeks. What does that tell you about the US media?

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