Monday, May 23, 2005


The Pendulum Swings Left

Actually, the pendulum has been swinging left for some time, it's just that only now -- and only with the prodding of lefty bloggers and outfits like AirAmerica and Media Matters -- are the US media people starting to acknowledge this. Even so, don't expect to find tidbits like this one on the evening news any time soon:

Some House Republicans are angry that they were not warned about a GOP-commissioned survey in which their constituents were polled on the issue of human embryonic stem cell research in an effort by other Republican lawmakers to boost support for federal legislation that would expand government funding for such research, the... Washington Times reports (Fagan/Dinan, Washington Times, 5/19). According to the survey of 1,300 registered voters in 13 Republican-controlled House districts, 66% of individuals surveyed said they support embryonic stem cell research and 27% said they oppose such research. The survey was sponsored in part by the Republican Main Street Partnership and conducted by the Winston Group, which conducts surveys for the Republican leadership in the House and Senate (CQ HealthBeat, 5/1). The results of the survey, which was commissioned by Rep. Michael Castle (R-Del.) and other supporters of embryonic stem cell research, then were used to boost support for a federal bill that would expand federal funding for such research (Washington Times, 5/19).
Dear Terri Schiavo, whereever you may be: Thank you for inadvertently bringing the poison of the religio-racist corporate right to the surface. Their decision to attack your husband has led a lot of Americans to take a hard look at persons who were and are capable of telling horrific lies about you and other people and things.

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