Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Pre-emptive mudbath directed against Hillary

From Andrew Gumbel at The Independent via SC: A former fund-raising director for Hillary Clinton goes on trial in Los Angeles today to face accusations of campaign finance irregularities that political opponents of the former first Lady turned US senator hope will help dent her chances of a successful run for the presidency in 2008....The defendant, David Rosen, is accused of deliberately under-reporting the cost of a star-studded fund-raising event in Hollywood during Mrs Clinton's 2000 Senate campaign. He is on record as having organised the event with the help of a convicted fraudster and cocaine-user called Peter Paul...It probably does not help the prosecution that much of the alleged under-reporting came in the form of in-kind contributions, not hard cash, making it much harder to make the case for willful wrong-doing. This is great. The prosecution will attempt to prove that an appearance by Cher is worth $100,000, not $75,000." Even Klayman has dumped this. But put it in your files with a tickler for 2008.
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