Saturday, May 14, 2005


Shutting Out The World

Over at Steve Gilliard's shop, a bunch of us are discussing schools and whether parents (or society) really want smarter, better kids, or just more obedient one. See, a non-trivial number of parents don't like the idea of their kids truly turning out smarter than them. Especially if it's in a secular context. In Minnetonka, which is a very white, very rich suburb of Minneapolis, some Christian parents are having a hissy fit because of an elective program there that basically gives kids who take it the challenging, well-rounded education of a diplomat. But the Christian parents hate it because in addition to making their kids smarter than they are, it doesn't teach the kids that the God-Fearing USA is perfect in everything and always has been, so they want it trashed -- even though (or perhaps because) their kids like it. And these are the same people who mock Saudi Arabia for its madrassas that teach a bogus view of history. Shutting out the world is bad, whether done in Riyadh or Minnetonka or Amistad.

Absolutely. public schools are nothing but a factory of indoctrination. Although i guess I slipped through the cracks. Imagination is consistently stiffled and i agree that parents, to some extent, want it to be. It's easier to control a child who has no dreams and who has no goal in life but serve his 1. God 2. Country and 3. Parents. And the older generation is scared of becoming what they saw their elders become -- conservative and boring -- so they try to keep thier children back so as not to allow their children to soar above them.

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