Thursday, May 19, 2005


StarTribune Newsroom: Carrying Coleman's Water?

One of the ironic things is how the Minneapolis StarTribune is considered by wingnuts to be a firebreathingly liberal paper when D.J. Tice, the editor of the politics portion of its newsroom, is actually quite Republican and conservative. (There are those of us who still remember his frequent and unabashedly right-wing editorials that he wrote while with the late and lamented Twin Cities Reader.) Even if the current editorial staff writes up some lovely liberal pieces, Tice has a great deal of say in what stories get written up -- and how they get written up. This, perhaps, helps explain the bizarrely pro-Coleman stance shown in Kevin Diaz' piece on the Coleman-Galloway showdown -- especially as Coleman is no fan of the Strib. (As could be predicted, the editorial comment on Coleman-Galloway scheduled for tomorrow's paper is actually better, and contains more pertinent facts, than the Diaz piece.) As the following StarTribune reader says:

The exchange between MP George Galloway and Sen. Norm Coleman was widely viewed by anyone with an Internet connection or C-Span. There is no getting around the fact that Galloway made Coleman look like a complete fool. Yet the Star Tribune didn't tell this story. Its story read more like a press release for the senator.
Write to Anders Gyllenhaal, the Strib's big kahuna (andersg AT startribune DOT com), and tell him that he will never get the right-wingers off his back no matter how much he or his reporters kowtow to them. In fact, right-wingers see compromise as weakness -- period. They attack you harder if they think it'll make you cave even more.

I have the video posted - it's very good theater, aside from politics.
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