Tuesday, May 10, 2005


The Stormin' Mormon Does It Again

Note to Self: Do not EVER piss off Harry Reid. He knows that Frist's religio-racist right puppetmasters have been pushing Frist to have a vote on the Nuclear Option. So what does Reid do: First, he spends weeks sending out a flurry of compromises -- including bipartisan ones with none other than Trent Lott as a co-sponsor -- knowing that Frist's backers won't let him do anything but shoot them all down without review. Having established that he and the Democrats and even Trent Lott were willing to sit down and negotiate, but that Frist was not, he then lowers the boom: He calls on Frist to schedule a vote on the topic. Right here, right now. Now, if Frist really has the votes, as he's been telling his religious-right stringpullers all along, he'd take Reid up on his challenge and call for a vote. But he won't, because he, the guy who up to now was so gung-ho for a vote, is now talking about a vote "next week". Bwakkk bwak bwak bwak bwak! Chicken!

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