Friday, May 13, 2005


Texas Oil-for-Food Scandal

Question: What do these three men have in common? David Bay Chalmers Ludmil Dionnisiev John Irving Answer: They are the first three people to be indicted and/or arrested in the probe of Wingnuttia's favorite topic, "the Oil-for-Food scandal". Better yet: David Bay Chalmers of Bayoil, Inc. and his trader and employee Ludmil Dionnisiev, are both oil men and longtime residents of Houston, Texas. In case you didn't know, Houston is not only the center of the Texas oil industry, it's also the business center of the oil-soaked Bush family. Which, of course, makes this The Texas Oil-for-Food Scandal. Something to bear in mind when you hear our very own Senator Blow-Dry and would-be presidential hopelessful, Norm I-love-my-wife-really-honest! Coleman, once again accusing George Galloway of all sorts of crap -- even though the first two times this was tried, Galloway won two separate libel judgements from two different papers.

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