Tuesday, May 03, 2005


To boil your blood

Dems to serve as DeLay's alibi on North Marianas trip: James Clyburn, SC Bennie Thompson, MS Their constituents should be asking whether there is no one smarter to represent the district. Someone who will ask questions about the legitimacy of the "North Marianas Security Council" or whatever it was that said it would pay for travel, while Abramoff was the actual source of funds. Also someone who who flies coach, not first class. Five thousand dollars to travel from Washington DC to the Marianas?!!! Travelocity says it can be done for $1428. And from Australia, we learn that Reports have surfaced that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi intervened to ensure that a report on the killing of an Italian intelligence agent in Baghdad by US troops would not damage relations with Washington. Another New York Times outrage reported by Media Matters In a May 2 article on efforts by Kenneth Y. Tomlinson, Republican chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), "to correct what he and other conservatives consider liberal bias" at CPB, New York Times reporters Stephen Labaton, Lorne Manley, and Elizabeth Jensen noted that CPB recently appointed two ombudsmen "to review the content of public radio and television broadcasts." But the article failed to note that one of the ombudsmen, William Schulz, is an avowed conservative with close ties to Tomlinson, while the other, Ken Bode, is a former journalist and a fellow at the conservative Hudson Institute who last year endorsed Indiana Republican gubernatorial candidate Mitch Daniels. In addition, the Times story made no mention that CPB's new chief operating officer and acting president is a former Bush administration official. (via Raw Story and Atrios)
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