Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Yet More Right-Wing Dismay Over Frist's Cave-In

Courtesy of Kos: Crooks & Liars documents the dismay from the other side:

Confirmthem.com: This deal is a load of cr@! It is not compromise, but capitulation. And I say that as somebody who did agree that a certain form of compromise was acceptable. But this comrpomise treats a couple of nominees, Saad and Myers, as pawns. It makes them not people, but expendable objects. And that is unconscionable. Here's some comment: A complete f**'en outrage. Not another dime, I've had it. Scared Monkeys puts it succinctly: Compromise reached! Republicans screwed! The Buzz Blog: Sellouts! Power Line's John Hinderaker: What a hideous deal. Malkin: My two cents: Ditto to all of the above. The GOP parade of pusillanimity marches on. With this pathetic cave-in, the Republicans have sealed their fate as a Majority in Name Only.
There'll be more outrage from their side, since quite frankly, they lost. Obviously we didn't get everything we wanted, but they lost the ability to have carte blanche on the next supreme court justice. And also from Kos, here's what a sane former GOP moderate person has to say about this:
A recent convert's perspective (4.00 / 10) ...I'm a former GOP moderate who "Migrated" during the Schiavo outrage. Allow me to offer my perspective. I always considered myself a "Libertarian" Republican/ Constitutional Fundamentalist, rather than a theocrat. I don't think that my viewpoint was unique, particularly among the more educated/secular Republicans (the poor, South is NOT the "traditional" Republican base (as you well know- I'm not trying to talk down to you)). Schiavo terrified me because it demonstrated how seperate the "Libertarian-Friendly" Republican rhetoric is from the reality of their practical politics. The "Nuclear Option" is another example of the lengths that the party will go to in order to promote its own adgenda over the traditional rule of law and the protections instilled for minorities (a concern to those of us in the "My Rights Stop at the End of My Fist Camp). I think that the "deal" upsets the Theocrats too because, rather than viewing themselves as "Republicans" I think Dobson et. als. smugly believe that they have "bought" the Republican party, and that the Republican Party ought to be able to get them everything they want and deliver it with a smile. Like pouting toddlers, they are going to be FURIOUS that they didn't get this lollipop and looking for someone to blame. As others have pointed out, this leave NO ONE in the GOP happy. The Republicans who "crossed party lines" will upset their Theocrat base (if they have one- I've only skimmed the list, but it looked more likely to break "Libertarian" than "Theocrat" to me) but they've also taken a lot of ammo away from potential Dem challengers in the future. It's the Republicans who weren't part of the deal who are going to bleed. by lexlawgirl on Mon May 23rd, 2005 at 19:03:34 PDT

I think the point is to look at the practical consequences. I have it on authority of someone from Washington that the goal of the Democrats was to save their forces for a filibuster of Supreme Court nominees this summer. The cost was, as Russ Feingold said, a loss of integrity affecting the whole body. Since the Republicans have no integrity, that means all losses of such came from the Democrats.

So,the strategic loss of the Republicans is that they will have more difficulty with one Supreme Court nominee. The strategic loss of the Democrats is less tangible but more long-lasting. The tactical loss of the Democrats was three judges, while the tactical loss to the Republicans is that their red-hots have to learn patience. That's actually probably to their long-term advantage, since the sooner America learns about just how extreme the theocrats are, the more likely a backlash is.

No one can foresee the larger battle. Perhaps by holding off an extremist Supreme Court nominee, the Democrats can last long enough to win back ccontrol of the Senate. But my guess is this is a holding action, that the right-wing army will pause for a night's rest and then march on.
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