Sunday, June 05, 2005


AP: Paying Workers Is BAD

Kudos to Kevin Drum for catching the odd wording in this AP article (as published online by CBS News):

Orders to U.S. factories advanced by 0.9 percent in April, the fastest clip in five months, while worker productivity at the start of the year was better than originally thought and the nation's retailers enjoyed strong sales despite a cold spring. But all the economic news released Thursday wasn't good. Labor costs, a key factor influencing inflation rates, rose sharply over the past six months.
"Labor costs" = Newspeak for "Worker's Wages". In other words, the AP thinks it's bad that us workers might actually be benefitting from the alleged "Bush boom". I have to build on Kevin's comment on CEO wages. I wonder why the AP doesn't mention the fact that top executives' pay and compensation has continued to zoom upward even as the rest of us fall behind during this "Bush boom"?

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