Sunday, June 26, 2005


A bit more on Lebanon

Robert Fisk on Lebanon (see says foreign intelligence agencies (Iran, Israel, US, Syria) are fighting out a covert war in Lebanon, with pro-Palestinian/anti-Israeli/anti-Syrian politicians being primary targets. Someone may be trying to start an overt civil war. A US FBI agent was at the site of the most recent assassination very quickly. Fisk discussed the car bombing of George Hawi, former leader of Communist Party and Palestinian ally, but as Orthodox Christian who negotiated for Islamic-Christian peace. He was an opponent of Syrian occupation. This is the second opponent of Syria killed by car bomb in the last three weeks, so everyone is asking "Who is next?" Unlike the Hariri assassination, the latest two were incredibly precise bombings, in which only the human target was killed. Hawi's driver escaped. In neither case was much glass in the environs even broken. The long range effect could be that Lebanese could be pressured to sign a peace treaty with Israel, Fisk says. Again, all the fingers are pointed at the Syrians (who were certainly opponents of these men), but all the benefits of the assassinations appear to flow to the US. It's a hall of mirrors, and heaven only knows what the truth is.
The precision of the latest hits again points to inside jobs.

And it just occurred to me that the Bushies may well have very good reasons for saying that the killings were "state-sponsored terrorism": Because the US has itself a very long history of sponsoring terror. Osama bin Laden had yet to be born when we were rampaging through the Phillipines and Guatemala.
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