Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Bushco: "Healthcare" industry is above the law

The outrages keep on coming. Healthcare industry is above the law The Justice Department has decided that most health care employees can't be prosecuted for stealing personal data under a privacy law intended to protect medical information. ... Peter Swire, who was the Clinton administration's top privacy law expert, called the opinion bad law and public policy. "It looks like they decided on the outcome for political reasons, namely the health care industry's desire to get out from criminal prosecution," said Swire, a law professor at Ohio State University. A health care technician who engaged in identity theft to steal $9100 from a cancer patient may get his conviction reversed thanks to this Bushco decision! Add this to the fact that Bushco has decided to slash the amount Justice has been trying to recover from Phillip Morris/Altria for the damage of smoking by $110 BILLION and one has to ask whether we should not just consider the Bush Adninnystration to be the head of organized crime in America.
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