Sunday, June 26, 2005


Clueless Joe

David Podvin over at Make Them Accountable eviscerates The Backstabber Who Would Be President. Of special interest is Podvin's description of Biden's treatment of Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas hearings -- especially now that David Brock, the right-wing's go-to guy for smearing Professor Hill, has long since repented and apologized for hurting her. From Podvin's piece, it's pretty obvious that Joe Biden has no such sense of decency:

Clarence Thomas sits on the Supreme Court because Joe Biden is a coward. As Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Biden allowed Republicans to hijack the Thomas confirmation hearings. He watched passively while the nominee’s perjury was overshadowed by vicious right wing attacks upon Dr. Anita Hill. Witnesses who were prepared to substantiate Hill’s allegations of professional misconduct against Thomas were not summoned because Biden’s top priority was mollifying his reactionary colleagues. Biden became enraged during the Thomas hearings, but his hostility was not directed toward the Republicans who smeared an honorable woman or at the judicial nominee who lied under oath. Instead, the senator furiously denounced civil rights groups and women’s organizations that claimed they had convinced him to derail the nomination. “Joe Biden is not in anyone’s pocket!” he thundered.
Unless, of course, they're a corporation with money to burn on pliable politicians like Biden:
The would-be Democratic presidential nominee may not be in the pocket of the Democratic base, but he is definitely in the pocket of Corporate America. Biden co-sponsored legislation to change bankruptcy law so that it increasingly benefits big business at the expense of consumers. He voted against limiting predatory lending practices and against protecting citizens victimized by identity theft. The senator also endorsed Paul Wolfowitz for the presidency of the World Bank, a position from which Wolfowitz will coercively transfer Third World resources to multinational conglomerates. A self-described “national security Democrat who favors a muscular foreign policy”, Biden has referred to Ronald Reagan’s 1982 Evil Empire speech as a model of internationalist wisdom. Biden justified his vote to authorize conquering Iraq by citing Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. The senator also warned of the link between Hussein and al Qaida. When these pretenses were debunked, Biden dismissed the relevance of the lies and effusively praised George W. Bush for defying anti-war critics.
Just say No to Joe!

Clarence Thomas did not deserve that seat, but Biden, for some strange reason, handed it to him. Ever since then I've detested Biden. He's a pink tutu.

Who needs Republicans when you got guys like Biden?

Didn't Napolitano assist Hill in her preparations for those hearings?
I am not sure there is a sitting Senator I would support.

Maybe Barbara Boxer.

All of them, Democratic and Republican have betrayed this country, preferring to talk when they should have been chaining themselves to the Senate doors, staging sitdown strikes, and otherwise raising alarms of the damage being done to the Constitution.
Biden is an opportunistic vulture just waiting for Bush to implode so he can get on the "I'll Save America" bandwagon and explain to the voters why we should send him to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to "fix Bush's mistakes" and "get America back on track again" or whatever other pablum he's offering.

I'd sooner prefer to get a blow job from Ann the Mann Coulter than I would to vote for Ol' Plagiarizing Joe.

He's no better than Lieberman, in my view.
What y'all just said.

I don't want to see a sitting Senator run for president in '08, not just because most of ours are stupid, corrupt or both (Feingold falls into the moral-yet-stupid category, as his opposition to blogging shows), but because we need the bodies in the Senate. I'd much rather see another governor run -- governors have a much better shot than do Senators.

But this did give me an excuse to play with the Biden bumpersticker graphic and to test out Blogger's new pic-uploading utility!
Biden reminds me of a used car salesman. (Sorry to any used car salesman I may have just offended.) That tacky, slimy smile along with the hair transplant and the capped teeth are testimony to his vanity. He only likes to hear himself speak. I swear that guy must be in love with his voice. HIs support of the bankruptcy legislation was an attack on all working Americans. I hope he does run and gets his ass kicked.
I saw Prof. Hill at a grocery store about a year ago. I told her she was and is my hero.

I too remember biden at the hearing. What a disgrace,, what a woman-hating pimp.
biden also refused to call additional witnessess who backed up anita hill's testimony. women who were waiting to be summoned never got the call.

biden also played the clown during the alito hearings. no help at all. so sick of these vichy saboteurs.
oops you noted that already. :)
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