Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Colleen Rowley (almost) announces a run for Congress

One of the few heroes who tried to prevent 9/11, Colleen Rowley, is on the verge of announcing a run for Congress in Minnesota. On Air America, Ed Schultz interviewed her, though much too briefly. Is the Bureau better today than before the attack? Some things are better, some not, she says. Homeland Security issues have not been addressed. Maybe next time Ed Schultz could ask her some substantive questions about her positions on issues of direct concern to Minnesotans. I've heard a lot of politicians, and she sounds like a definite possible. Update: Yesterday, AP was calling it definite Rowley would run. Another Democratic woman, Teresa Daly, may also run. I think that's probably to the good, since if Rowley is emphasizing her conservatism as a good fit to the district, she probably needs to consider where that conservatism has brought America. Campaigns, by forcing politicians to articulate positions, actually serve a purpose other than moving the red or the blue flag forward.
I think we should e-mail her with your advice, Charles:

Her website will be at Right now it's just a placeholder, but I expect it will grow soon.
She was just on the Today show. Did a great job. Looked great and was on message. Needs to play up the American patriot angle. and get the web site up. People will want to get donations to her. I am energized.
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