Sunday, June 12, 2005


Do those Iranian bombs have "Made in the USA" labels?

Explosions in Iran may have killed 60 people. The hand behind the violence is unknown. However, here is the case that this is a made-in-the-USA: 1. According to human rights groups, the outcome of the election is not in doubt. The government would like high turnout to improve its sense of legitimacy. 2. The carnage occurred in Khuzestan, an Arabic province in a non-Arabic (Persian) nation. A characteristic of CIA operations is exploitation of ethnic rivalries. There was previous unrest due to a letter Iranian officials claimed was forged laying out a plan for ethnic dilution of the province. 3. The targets were not all soft. The governor's office, in particular, was probably well-guarded, suggesting that some serious money or influence was used. 4. Khuzestan is where the oil is, right along the Persian Gulf. 5. Khuzestan was the route by which Saddam invaded, suggesting that it is military difficult to defend. Obviously, it's just speculation. But it is interesting that Scott Ritter said that the war on Iran would occur right about now.
This is interesting. I wonder what Ahmad Chalabi is plotting right now?
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