Thursday, June 23, 2005


Hobson's Choice, Revisited

Earlier today, I posted that I didn't think BushCo had any real plans on how to deal with Iraq. It turns out that while this is almost certainly the case, they can be highly coordinated and very specific when their goal is to try and do some cheap and disgusting political stunt that's apparently designed to throw "red meat" to their base while covering up the tsunami of bad news currently swirling in the media ether. You know: Things like the UN's confirming, barely a day after Durbin was browbeaten Maoist style into a bogus apology, that reliable reports exist of torture at Guantanamo and that we forced doctors to violate their Hippocratic oaths in order to facilitate torture at Gitmo, or that our top military officer in the Persian Gulf says that Cheney is wrong about the insurgency being in its last throes, or that a growing number of Republicans like Walter "Freedom Fries" Jones are now speaking out against the invasion of Iraq, or that the US Air Force may be one of the bigger perps in the Texas Oil-for-Food Scandal. However, the Democratic leadership, for a change, is now fighting back as one. Reid, Dean, Pelosi, Schumer, Hillary Clinton, and virtually every other prominent Democrat jumped all over Rove and Company's little stunt, and said exactly the right things to take Rove's carefully-crafted attempt at political theater and turn it against him. Old Turd Blossom's administration has been puttting their collective feet in it so badly of late that even Republicans are starting to call them Nazis. Karl must not have seen the latest polls that show that he can't use 9/11 to scare people into voting against their own best interests any more.

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