Friday, June 24, 2005


If It's Friday, This Must Be A News Dump

All the interesting things seem to happen on Fridays: -- Rick Santorum is the first high-profile Republican to break from the herd and say, albeit rather weakly, that Karl Rove does NOT speak for him. (His dicey poll numbers against Casey may well be a factor.) -- CBS ran a story this evening on an Italian judge's ordering the arrest of thirteen CIA agents for kidnaping an imam off the streets of Milan and "renditioning" him to Egypt, where he was "allegedly" tortured. -- Judith Miller, NYT reporter and close personal friend of Iranian agent and convicted embezzler Ahmad Chalabi, has a new mission: Attacking the United Nations. -- And now that Mullah Ashcroft is no longer running DoJ, the Spirit of Justice's draperies have been removed.

I heard the Italian-judge CIA-Imam-kidnapping story on NPR today; one of their last gasps of actual news reporting before the deluge begins, I suppose.

I wonder how other rabid Republicans will respond to Santorum... it would be interesting to see the dogs let loose on him, heeheehee.
Santorum's peeling off, along with the disapproval expressed by former Republican and 9/11 widow Kristen Breitweiser as well as conservative bloggers like John Cole and Trevino, will make it tougher for Rove to enforce party discipline.

The GOPers in office can read polls. And Bush's are tanking. Badly. (See the next post.) It's occurring to a lot of them that cuddling up to Bush is probably not the wisest career move.
If the GOPers want to distance themselves from Bush and his finally crappy polling numbers, that's probably all good. I don't see how they could possibly move any further to the rightwing. By necessity and the laws of physics, hopefully they will gravitate more to the middle, that is to say left.

Rove's rantings remind me of the Dutch boy with his finger in the dike. (Ugh! sorry for that image.)
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