Monday, June 06, 2005


If an readers understand Phillipine politics, please explain this.

From the Guardian Gloria Arroyo, the Philippines president, yesterday scrambled to defuse allegations that she tried to rig last year's presidential election, by releasing what she claimed was a doctored audiotape in which she appears to ask a senior electoral official to boost her vote tally during the count. ...Her spokesman, Ignacio Bunye, claimed the tape was a "spliced" compilation of 12 conversations with a party official. He said it was the latest in a string of attempts to destabilise the government. ...Mr Bunye released two tapes, one of which, he said, contained the original conversations and the other the alleged fabrication. But Ms Arroyo's opponents rejected his explanation. The senate minority leader, Aquilino Pimentel, used parliamentary privilege yesterday to brand the tape a "smoking gun that tends to show ineluctably that massive cheating did take place in the presiden tial elections".
Sounds like the Arkansas GOP has a branch office in Manila! Taped phone conversations, especially doctored ones, have long had an honored place in the Arkansas Republican Party's arsenal. Just ask Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, a native Arkansan who was victimized by a rival Republican's brandishing tapes that allegedly featured Jones' pillow talk with hookers. (And of course doctored tapes were used early and often against the Clintons, as Chris Vlasto can tell us.)
Well, here's where it gets interesting, PW. Arroyo would appear to be a US client. Aquilino Pimentel would appear to be a genuine representative of the people (repeately arrested by Marcos, bailed out thanks to popular demonstrations, cheated out of his Senate seat but obtaining it by proving his case in court, recently won third highest number of votes of Senate, according to Wikipedia).

So, who is creating the doctored tape? My guess is that it's Arroyo.
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