Saturday, June 04, 2005


In Bushcoville, tell the truth and get fired

Chief Teresa Chambers, truth-teller Washington Post Teresa C. Chambers, who was fired last year as U.S. Park Police chief after publicly calling for more funding and personnel, is still trying to get her old job back. Chambers said she is waiting for a federal board to complete its review of the Interior Department's decision to dismiss her after she complained in a newspaper interview that her agency was stretched too thin. She said that she had been forced to divert officers from such duties as patrolling parkways to watch over monuments. or get it straight from the horse's mouth For being candid -- for being "honest" -- while still being supportive of my superiors, I was, without warning, stripped of my law enforcement authority, badge, and firearm, and escorted from the Department of the Interior by armed special agents of another Federal law enforcement entity last December (2003). Seven months later, the Department of the Interior terminated me.
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