Saturday, June 18, 2005


"Let's meet around the bend, my friend...'

The Guardian (of course) has started publishing Riverbend's blog, describing the experiences of an educated Iraqi woman, from a family mixed both in terms of being Sunni and Shia and religiously liberal and conservative, living in Baghdad. In a small piece of criminal negligence, the Gruadnia (inside joke)left off the header of her blog, and so I add it here: ... I'll meet you 'round the bend my friend, where hearts can heal and souls can mend... Amen to that, dear one. Excerpt, June 18th: "I could see the tip of Abu Maan's cigarette glowing in the yard next door. I pointed to it with the words, "Abu Maan can't sleep, either ..." E grunted, "It's probably Maan." I stood staring at him like he was half-wild - or maybe talking in his sleep. Maan is only 13 ... how can he be smoking? "He's only 13." I stated. "Is anyone only 13 any more?" he asked. I mulled this remark over. No, no one is 13 any more. No one is 24 any more ... everyone is 85 and I think I might be 105." I know what you mean, River. I know what you mean.
I suggest that anyone reading this might want to go to the Guardian site and buy River's book. Since she lost her job as a programmer thanks to the rise of fundamentalist sexism that followed the invasion, she needs the money to survive.
Riverbend is one of the real greats of the young field of blogging. Thank you for the suggestion about her book. It will be ordered tonight.

Everyone who can read this should support Riverbend.
One of the things that I fear is all too likely to happen, once the US leaves, is that Taliban-style militias will go hunt down and kill women like River.
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