Monday, June 27, 2005


Margolis on Lebanon

I guess it must be Lebanon week, 'cause here's the trifecta Eric Margolis of the Toronto Star Lebanon's politics remain deeply corrupt. Some voters in northern Lebanon were reportedly bribed $500 US apiece to cast their ballots for the U.S.-backed anti-Syrian faction. Around $35 billion borrowed by the former Hariri government to rebuild civil-war-shattered Lebanon is still unaccounted for. Since Hariri co-operated with Syria, his unsolved murder may have been committed by those seeking to drive Syria from Lebanon, or in revenge for the missing billions. Thanks to Johnny Wendell of KTLK for the lead.
The Bushies are so weird. They diss Syria up one side and down the other for being handmaidens of evil and all that, yet when BushCo wants to see people tortured without even the horribly-"PATRIOT"-Act-compromised US Constitution in the way, they're flown to Syria and Egypt.
Isn't hypocrisy a wonderful thing?

Bushco has used Syria and Iran both like two-dollars women of easy virtue, and thinks that it (Bushco) is clever.

The fact that there is a future and that this future might include a reckoning does not occur to them.

Maybe they're planning to take out French citizenship.
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