Thursday, June 09, 2005


Media wars

Americans have to pay for propaganda but are forbidden to hear it. First, this point: JAMAL DAJANI: Well, like you mentioned before, you said there is a war of information going on. And this is actually -- there is a war of information going on between all these different networks. And it's driven by either sectarian or by the governments. For example, what you talked about the killing of the journalist in Lebanon, you have a war going on between the Christian-sponsored station like LBC, and Al-Manar, which is financed by Syria and Iran, and the Hezbollah station there, basically putting the blame on each other whether this was, for example, the Hezbollah are saying that this is a conspiracy by the Mossad and the United States to create a civil war in Lebanon and, of course, LBC is focusing on the Syrian involvement in silencing the people that are criticizing the government of Syria. He says he can't broadcast al Hurra, the US Arabic language propaganda channel, because we are forbidden to see what out tax dollars pay for. MOSAIC is definitely worth listening to
Wow! Cher, who is also a C-Span fan, touts LinkTV. (Cher once got onto C-Span as a caller talking about the wounded vets at Walter Reed, which she visits in her capacity as an entertainer who truly supports our troops.)
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