Wednesday, June 01, 2005


More On Tom DeLay

I was originally going to look up the documentation on just why it's such a joke that Charles "Tex" Colson -- widely known in the early '70s as "the meanest man in American politics", a man even Pat Buchanan feared -- would be lecturing Mark "Deep Throat" Felt on moral behavior. (Yeah, Colson's allegedly "born again" -- but his conversion, which conveniently enough required him to get right with God by spilling the beans on Tricky Dicky -- occurred just as Nixon was expecting Tex to go quietly to prison without exposing Nixon to any danger. Yes, just as with Bush, loyalty was a one-way street with the Dickster.) But I happened to run across this 2001 piece on Tom DeLay, which mentions yet another long-forgotten scandal of the Bugman's. (Colson plays a supporting role as DeLay's spiritual twin. In more ways than one.)

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