Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Our Moral Arbiters: Liddy, Buchanan, Colson

File this under "You Gotta Be Freaking Kidding". In keeping with the right-wing's efforts to rewrite history, Charles Colson, Pat Buchanan, and G. Gordon Liddy are jumping in front of every microphone and camera they see in order to trash the guy who brought down their criminal enterprise, Mark "Deep Throat" Felt. Here's a little history on these fine gentlemen: Charles "Tex" Colson was Richard Nixon's lead enforcer, a man so thuggish even Pat Buchanan gave him a wide berth. He was known far and wide as "the meanest man in American politics," to quote Buchanan's description of him. Yet Nixon trusted him to go to prison rather than testify about the wiretapping and dirty tricks and other illegal actions that Tricky Dick ordered and/or authorized. That turned out to be a mistake on Nixon's part, as Colson -- who up to this point was as amoral a human being as could be imagined -- suddenly became a "born-again Christian", at least outwardly (though not many people believed this former atheist was sincere), and thus felt the apparent need to confess to everything that had happened in the White House during Nixon's reign. This ensured that Nixon shared Colson's disgrace, if not his prison sentence. G. Gordon Liddy was Nixon's lead dirty tricks artist. This is the man who at one point planned to kill the former White House counsel John Dean with a pencil through the neck in order to keep him from testifying. (Go here and here for the details.) In addition, Liddy is known for advocating the killing of Federal employees by making well-placed "head shots" with guns (click here and here) and for admiring Hitler. As for Pat Buchanan: Geez, where do I start? All things considered, I'll take Mr. Felt, thank you. Let's counter Buchanan's, Colson's and Liddy's shameful attempts to use the media to rewrite history. Here's the media contact info: National:,,,; National Public Radio: 1-800-989-TALK (8255); MSNBC: 1-888-MSNBC-USA.

Colson said at the time that he would walk over his own grandmother to re-elect Richard Nixon. After being "born again", he'd make sure to bayonet her first.

Among other things, he defrauds the government to fund his Prison Ministries

I'm not sure there's a better walking argument against the Christian religion than Charles Colson.

Well, besides GW.
He's a Calvinist, all right -- he believes that he's one of the Elect, so he can do what he wants because he's predestined for heaven.
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