Monday, June 06, 2005


Some Advice To Democrats Going On TV

The thing for the Democrats to remember when venturing in front of a microphone or TV camera is that they will be confronted by "gotcha" nonsense intended to trick them into attacking their most powerful leaders so as to weaken them personally and the party as a whole. Solution: Use the event as a pretext to turn around and bring up the instances of GOP atrocities that the SCLM refuses to cover. For example, here's how the Biden-Stephanopoulous Exchange should have gone yesterday:

Steph: Howard Dean committed a horrible faux pas by telling the truth about Republicans. Your comments? Biden: I'm amazed, Breck Boy, that you have to go manufacturing Democratic faux pas when Laura Bush, our allegedly honorable and dignified First Lady, tells horse-masturbation jokes on national TV.
Or, Biden could have used a less confrontational version: "Well, considering we have a president who dissembles and calls it 'disassembling' and a first lady who makes horse-masturbation jokes on national TV, I don't see the issue here." (This is the one you use if you actually want to be invited back on the show again.) Or, if Biden didn't want to talk about Laura's fondness for horse-wanking jokes, he could have brought up these genuine faux pas uttered by her husband. With this method, the subject abruptly gets judo-flipped from the bogus "Oooh, isn't Dean icky!?" to "The first lady said WHAT?!?". Or, as is more likely, it is dropped forever -- but that's OK, too. In any event, it does what we want it to do. Then again, I doubt that Joe Biden would listen to this. He is the typical "FOX Democrat" -- a nominally Democratic guy/gal whose livelihood was endangered through their own misdeeds and/or corruption, and so seeks to avoid crippling damage to his/her career/bank account by sucking up to the So-Called Liberal Media, especially FOX, by trashing other Democrats. (See: Jim Traficant, Susan Estrich, Joe Lieberman, and Joe 'Plagiarism' Biden himself. I'd include Toesucker Dick Morris in this category, but I don't think he ever stopped being a Republican.)

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