Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Speaking Of Party Chairs....

...check out Arianna Huffington's description of Tim Russert's air-kiss extravaganza with Republican National Committee Chair Ken No-He's-Really-Not-One-Of-Jeff-Gannon's-Clients Mehlman. Now, compare Timmeh's loving and respectful treatment of Mehlman -- and of George W. Bush -- with the bastinado treatment he typically hands out to people like Al Gore and Howard Dean. Go here and here for the overviews. And do remember that General Electric -- which for years was run by archconservative Jack Welch -- owns NBC. And that former Republican National Committee Chair Roger Ailes ran NBC's newsroom before Rupert Murdoch hired him to build FOX News.

"Archconservative" doesn't even begin to adequately describe Jackass Welch.

Please forgive me for being crude, but the man's own friends have said that upon seeing any busty woman, no matter what the scenario, getting out of an elevator, for example, Welch would say out loud even to a complete stranger "nice tits." He did this while at work.

To call him an "arch pig" would be a profound disservice to fiscally prudent barnyard animals everywhere. What a loser.
Doesn't surprise me at all, Shrimplate.

We'd almost be better off in a feudal society, because at least then the people who pretended to be our "betters" sometimes would try to at least act the part. But in "classless" America, there's no tradition instructing our "nobility" to behave nobly.
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