Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Stop Hiding Behind The Troops

I'm beginning to like that Wes Clark guy more and more lately. His latest idea: A drive he calls "Stop Blaming The Troops", and which I call "Stop Hiding Behind The Troops". Here's the deal: The people being punished for the atrocities at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere are just the low-hanging fruit, the subordinates who were acting on orders from above, and/or from shadowy quasi-civilian "contractors". Let's go after the people who issued the orders in the first place.

Re: the General.

Told ya so.

He's still a political novice, still thinks too much in terms of hard power rather than soft, still hasn't developed a big vision. And I'm always leery of putting military commanders in charge. They rarely have enough patience.

But he's one of the few leaders the Dems have.
I'll back him in 2008 in a heartbeat. He and Dean are on the same page when it comes to Politics 101. (Lesson 1: How can you expect people to trust you to protect them when you won't even protect yourself?)
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