Wednesday, June 15, 2005


"Tex" Sensenbrenner Does It Again

The High-Handed Paperboy from Wisconsin, fresh off of imperially turning off the mikes on the "Patriot Act" hearings last Friday, is this time not even allowing Conyers' people to use any House hearings rooms for forums on the Downing Street Memo. Conyers is moving the forums to the DNC's offices, but I think they should be held at the Lincoln Memorial, just as Marian Anderson's 1939 Easter concert -- the event that touched off the modern civil rights movement -- was held there. (UPDATE: The forum's been moved again. Another House committee found a small room in the Capitol for Conyers' group to use. Overflow, with TV monitors, will still be at the DNC HQ.) Oh, and as for why we call him "Tex" Sensenbrenner, click here.

The idea of holding the hearings at the Lincoln Memorial is excellent. Sensenbrenner, while able to be this much of a peevish, selfimportant idiot all on his own, was given the power to do this by the house Republicans. They should have to answer for it.
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