Friday, June 03, 2005


"We Didn't Flush The Koran -- We Pissed On It! There's A Difference!"

As Kos diarist Thinking Republican says, isn't it interesting that this hits the news on a Friday afternoon?

I think you've exactly hit how cynical the Administration's behavior has been.

But you know something? Not one critic of the Administration, not one leftwing writer to my knowledge has asked an incredibly obvious question: The allegation of Korans being desecrated in many ways has been out there, published worldwide-- even in five US papers. From FBI reports, we know that the allegation was made formally that a Koran was flushed.

So, assuming the Pentagon is not lying about the contents of the Southcom report, why is this allegation NOT in the Southcom report? It should be in it even if only to refute it.

The answer, of course, is that the entire investigative report process is corrupted.

Why aren't people hitting this point?
Oh, exactly.
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