Friday, June 24, 2005


Why BushCo's Doing The Latest Round Of Dixie Chicking

The cable TV shows are ignored by most Americans, but are beloved of the pundits who like to appear on them and push the themes beloved of the GOP/Media Axis. However, even these zampolit-packed gabfests are occasionally worth watching, if for no other reason than to see how the media intends to frame a given issue. The fine folk at DemBloggers have saved an interesting snippet from last night's Hardball. David Gregory was filling in for Chris Matthews, and shockingly enough, he was trying to force his guests, his fellow pundits, out of the pre-approved, pre-digested frames they were trying to spew. He kept asking, over and over again, "Why are they [meaning BushCo] doing this?" And his guests -- once they finished trying to push the Standard Lie Frame that Durbin called our troops Nazis and is somehow just as bad as Rove -- finally admitted that Bush is desperate to hide certain things, such as the fact Abazaid politely debunked Cheney's bloviatings about the Iraqi insurgents being "their last throes", or that the Senate hearings Rumsfeld was at this week were called by Republicans (whose constituents are scorching them every single day over this), or that Bush's poll numbers are plummeting across the board.

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