Friday, July 22, 2005


Another CityPages Twofer

Our Village Voice-owned City Pages has a couple of interesting articles this week: Here's a piece on how TV coverage, never that liberal to begin with, has swung even farther right after the 2004 elections -- even as Bush's ratings sink to historic lows. (It's a fairly fluffy piece, but it's remarkable just the same, as acknowledgement of the right-wing bias of the boob tube is rare even in the alternative press.) But here's one that examines the recent report on civilian casualties in Iraq (guess what? Coalition troops have still killed far more civilians than have the insurgents -- though the insurgents are doing their damndest to catch up). And here's one that detonates PowerLine dork Scott "Big Trunk" Johnson's exurban-white-boy-panic musings on "Murderapolis".

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