Thursday, July 14, 2005


AP's Fournier: GOP Nervous Over Rove

You better believe they are. They know how to use a calendar. The 2006 election season starts in a few months. And they're not liking the prospect of having to publicly embrace a guy who is fast eclipsing Tom DeLay in terms of political radioactivity. In fact, as this other article shows, Rove's titular boss isn't looking too comfy for Republican officeholders to cuddle up to, either.

The Fournier article has an interesting observation in it: "The Republican National Committee, virtually a political arm of the White House, urged GOP lawmakers to go public." Looks like Ron Fournier, at least, isn't going to let Bush distance himself from the excesses of the "political arm".
Yeah. Seems that a bunch of reporters who used to avoid mentioning the men behind the curtain are now deciding it's time to mention them.
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