Friday, July 08, 2005


Are the Democrats Learning How to Fight?

Amway scion Dick DeVos is running for the Michigan governorship. The Michigan Democrats are going after him early and often. In their latest salvo [PDF file], they do a nice job of "let's you and him fight":

Republican Congressman Mike Rogers has joined other GOP leaders by strongly criticizing China’s trade policies. At recent press conferences, Rogers said that the country's violations of trade agreements effectively steal jobs from American companies. Rogers' statements put him in direct odds with Republican gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos' support of free trade with China. While head of Amway, DeVos was a strong advocate of free trade with China. He laid off hundreds of people in Michigan while creating jobs in China by investing of hundreds of millions of dollars in the country. "Roger's opposition to DeVos' China policies shows that not only Democrats, but many Republicans oppose free trade and shipping American jobs to China," said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer. "DeVos is going to have a tough time in the election if leaders in the Republican Party disagree with one of his important economic policies."
I especially like this message because one of DeVos' supposed strengths is that he's a businessman and so he'll be good for Michigan businesses. It's about time the Dems learn to use their opponents' "strengths" against them.
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