Saturday, July 16, 2005


Diebold Allegedly Bribed Top Ohio Officials

Via Bradblog, a blockbuster story. Damschroder admits illegal contribution, says rep promised $50K to "Blackwell interests" The key 'grafs: The director, Matthew Damschroder, has told prosecutors that the consultant [and Diebold rep], Pat Gallina, came to his office in early 2004, offering him $10,000. "Pat Gallina came into my office at the Board of Elections and said, 'I'm here to give you $10,000. Who should I direct it to?' " Damschroder recalled. "I said, 'Certainly not to me. But I'm sure the Franklin County Republican Party would appreciate a voluntary donation. That was my first mistake." The law prohibits Damschroder from accepting political contributions on county property. Damschroder said Cummings' name came up in his office conversation with Gallina, who said he had met Cummings recently in the Washington, D.C., area. Gallina told him that he and Cummings agreed on the cut-rate price Diebold would charge the state for its machines, and that Gallina promised in return to give $50,000 to "Blackwell interests." Carlo LoParo, a spokesman for Blackwell, called the claim "absolutely ridiculous," and that Cummings has not negotiated any part of the state's voting machine contracts. I guess LoParo is linked to the same central tabulator as Scott McClellan.
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