Sunday, July 03, 2005


Disney/ABC: Praising Genocide = Good. Exposing 9/11 Truths = Bad.

Now, this is the way to start my day: FAIR and Eric Zorn catch Paul Harvey praising genocide, slavery and torture! And as FAIR points out, he's carried by Disney -- the same people who refused to distribute Fahrenheit 9/11. FAIR helpfully provides the phone numbers and e-mails of top Disney execs so you can ask them why Harvey is OK but Moore is not. Paul Harvey is one of the old breed of right-wing racist imperialist thug commentators who never bothered to learn to "speak in code". He doesn't try to hide the right-wing's true agenda: He shouts it from the rooftops! People who claim to be bothered by Ward Churchill because David Horowitz told them to be, should sit down a few hours with Mr. Harvey on any given day. Ward Churchill's worst rants, personally cherry-picked by Horowitz and Company, are mild as mother's milk compared to the filth Harvey spews every minute he's on the air. And now you know -- the REST of the story.

I think Paul Harvey has deteriorated with age. When I listened to him, a long time ago, he wasn't identifiably conservative or liberal. He was a populist, admired for being plain spoken. He just about invented the concept of News of the Weird (a lot of which news we know in retrospect he, well, invented). But he wasn't the hard-edged, mean-spirited voice one hears now.
His brain has long been rotted from syphyllis he contracted by boning a horse years ago. I've never liked him.
Twenty years ago, Harvey was tolerable. But Limbaugh's rise to power snapped something in Harvey's brain.
Does Bose still advertise with him? That's the reason I'll never buy a set of their noise cancelling headphones. I'll be looking for the Disney label now too. To boycott them.

This commentary by Harvey would end a career if it was given by less of a money machine. It is as hateful as the trash you hear on neo-Nazi short-wave broadcasts.
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