Friday, July 15, 2005


Friday On My Mind

Lots of things going on as we head into the weekend: -- John Conyers. Barney Frank. Enough said. -- Murray Waas on TreasonGate, the American corporate rip-and-readers of our "elite" media, and the idea that Rove isn't the only Bush minion in hot water:

The coverage underscores the secrecy surrounding Fitzgerald's grand-jury investigation. The few leaks that constitute public knowledge of the investigation's progress have largely come from one side: the defense attorneys'. And what they have to say is oftentimes self-serving, misleading, and in some cases untrue. Their all-too-willing collaborators have been the nation's leading newspapers. In the meantime, however, what has propelled the investigation -- and led to the extraordinary jailing of the Times’ Judith Miller -- has been the strong belief by federal investigators that Rove, Novak, and others may have misled them and the public, and that one or more of the participants may have devised a cover story with others to avoid public or legal culpability.
-- More rip-and-read fun, courtesy of CNN, which is so beholden to RNC blast-faxes that it conveniently forgets it when the faxes conflict with stories they've reported in the past. -- However, unvarnished reality does sometimes seep through on CNN. -- And of course, it's Harry Potter day today -- or will be in a few hours.

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