Friday, July 15, 2005


How Did It Get To This Point?

Paul Krugman, in his column today on Karl Rove, wonders how our nation has got to the point where conservatives and Republicans can openly lie about their enemies and get away with it. Well, for starters, he should check this out. And then he should check this out:

A tough-minded, experienced and wise newspaper editor volunteered to me recently that most journalists in America have lost their guts. They are terrified, he said, of offending almost anyone, especially the White House and the Christian Right. They dread being called unpatriotic. I heard him out and then asked, "What about you?" I expected him to say that he was still a bulldog, holding the line, fighting the journalist's good fight. But no. He said, "I'm no different from the rest of them." That scares me. And it ought to scare you, no matter what your politics. Even though local news organizations across America continue to produce important stories in the public interest, America's national journalism has been failing the public when it comes to holding the administration accountable.
(By the way: Normally, articles in the Strib by "liberals" -- and by "liberal", I simply mean the Eric Alterman definition of "not nuts" -- trigger, in Pavlovian fashion, storms of angry letters from the local hate-radio and hate-blogger contingent. But this one they don't seem to dare touch, probably because a) they know that the very vehemence of their replies only proves the article's point, and b) they don't want to draw attention to it because it contains too many inconvenient facts.)

Man, do you ever stop talking? You know, this is why I decided to go Green Party
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