Monday, July 11, 2005


Luskin To America: I Think You're All A Bunch Of Frigging Morons, Too

Apparently Rove's lawyer, Robert Luskin, thinks we're all a bunch of frigging morons, too. Check out this little tidbit, courtesy of Josh Marshall:

Here’s what Karl Rove’s lawyer, Robert Luskin told Bloomberg News on July 3, 2005:

[Karl Rove] did nothing wrong, did not disclose Plame’s identity, and did not reveal any confidential information.

According to TIME reporter Matt Cooper’s e-mail, here is what Karl Rove told him sometime before July 11, 2003:

[I]t was, KR [Karl Rove] said, wilson’s wife, who apparently works at the agency on wmd issues who authorized the trip.

This was before the Novak column appeared on July 14. At that time, the factthat Joe Wilson’s wife worked for the CIA was confidential information.

(On other occasions, Luskin has said Rove never “knowingly” disclosed classified information. But he did not use that qualifier with Bloomberg News.)

Mr. Marshall also passes on this bit of information about Mr. Robert Luskin:
One case that jumps out at you is his representation of Stephen A. Saccoccia. Saccoccia and his wife Donna were eventually convicted of laundering more than a hundred million dollars for various Colombian drug kingpins. Stephen is currently serving a 660 year sentence. Their racket was laundering drug money through companies which traded in precious metals. Saccoccia was convicted in 1993. And Luskin took up his case on appeal. Eventually the Feds got the idea that the money Saccoccia had paid Luskin and his other attorneys for their services was itself part of the $137 million in drug money he was ordered to forfeit. Now, on the face of it this seems a bit unfair since under our system everyone is entitled to good representation and how was Luskin to know it was tainted money. Well, the prosecutors thought he should have gotten some inkling when Saccoccia started paying Luskin's attorney's fees in gold bars. Yep, you heard that right. Luskin got paid more than $500,000 of his attorney's fees in gold bars from his client who was trying to appeal his conviction on charges that he laundered drug money through precious metals dealers. Who woulda thought that was drug money? Luskin insisted that he "never have, and never would, knowingly accept a fee that was the proceeds of illegal activities." But when federal prosecutors finally got a chance to depose Luskin and Saccoccia's other lawyers, they found that their lawyers' fees had come in forms "such as gold bars, cash that was dropped off at hotels and trunks of cars, and money transfers from Swiss bank accounts." Eventually, in 1998, Luskin came to a settlement with the government in which he agreed to cough up $245,000 of the money he'd gotten from Saccoccia.
I swear, these people make Al D'Amato look pure as the driven snow.

I can just see Luskin's CPA at the end of the year, trying to figure out how to do the accounting on gold bars.

Is there any relationship between Donald and Robert, other than moral bankruptcy?
Well howdy do Phoenix Woman and Maia? Nice to see find you outside of TT since I haven't been there lately. A. Evans
I'm wondering that too, Charles. I should go a-Googling to find out.
I much suspect this case will hinge on what “knowingly” really means - not without cause. This administration has yet to accurately define just what is a weapon of mass destruction; a prisoner of war; the Geneva convention or human rights: Not surprising, since the word “democracy” is totally foreign to it.
Watching All the POTUS' goons again tonight.

Bernstein gets a staffer to leak information.

All she will say is initials.

There are perhaps 2 sets of initials that could be KR.
Katherine Harris was in and out , she left about this time, and returned for the late stratch run in the election.

Does her middle, maiden, or married name start with R?

In the film, when given sourced initials, they rely upon Deep Throat after that point.

He tells them to "Follow the Money" from that point.

From the time an initial is confirmed, follow the money.

That would be re-elect committees(Ohio) as an example. Most likely any reporter on the payola list is the money trail this deals with.

So subpoenae for the payola racket, specefically the writers Col.Gardiner(ret.) mentions, needs to be sorted through.

Anyone making donations back or receiving them out at this time is a prime leak suspect.

Match campaign donations to media names to the timeline or payola handouts the same way.

If he told thirteen people, including fuzz cheecks Tucker Carlson and Prune Novak who each were on talk shows, who else in the speaking points did he tell?

Timmeh Russert spent the weekend in kennebunkport the week Cooper walked, Miller sat, and O'Donnel's high water mark hit.

Russert and Carlson already squeeled, it would appear.

Russert went to the POTUS place to coordinate testimony to the grand jury, most likely. Is this illegal?

A lot of reporters are afraid to out their own. Russert and Carlson are the names to bring into this.


They want it to only be about Rove. The more info and talks made the more likely they implicate additional security breach the helps indicate how many helped Rove and their level of autohrity.

It's up to Cheney. He directed this smear campaign.
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